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Mobile Apps

The appetite for mobile apps is enormous. Every single month users worldwide download a jaw-dropping 1.6 billion apps from the Apple App Store, Android Market and Blackberry’s App World1. That’s a lot of very busy fingers and thumbs – and a lot of opportunity for ambitious businesses.

Mobile application development can be a great marketing tool and a forward-thinking way to take user experience to the next level, but it’s important to do it right. Each month may see 1.6 billion downloads, but just 20% of all apps are downloaded more than 1000 times. That means that 80% of apps simply fall flat. Where’s the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Developing an app isn’t about having the latest trendy marketing tool. It’s about providing value to your customers and return on investment for your business. Usability and usefulness should be at the heart of any mobile app development project – along with a keen understanding of the demographics involved. Just ask our clever mobile app developers. We offer smart mobile app development which provides genuine value to businesses and their visitors across the UK.

Responsive & ready to impress

iOS, Android, mobile-ready, tablet-ready – ensuring functionality across all platforms is central to how we develop bespoke applications for mobile devices. Top drawer user experience is crucial if you want your application to impress. Ensuring that loading times are swift, screen resolutions are spot on and navigation is intuitive across all devices is crucial if you want your users to get the best from your application.

It’s a fickle mobile world out there and the first hint of poor performance could turn users off your app. We use Java and Object C technologies to develop faultless applications, ergonomically designed to meet the needs of your visitors and to work seamlessly as part of a broader digital marketing campaign.

Why apps?

  • Capture an increasingly mobile audience
  • Gather valuable mobile data from users
  • Integrate smart mobile apps into an overarching digital marketing strategy
  • Create entirely new possibilities for your business and your users
  • Stand out amongst your competitors

Social Media Marketing

Are people talking about your business? They should be. With so many platforms and networks available, there’s no excuse not to be making a splash with social media. Our social-savvy digital marketing gurus will help you to build a strong social presence which gets your visitors involved in your brand and makes sure they’re talking all about you.

Our team tweet, like, share, pin and +1 brand to social media stardom. Whether it’s part of a wider SEO campaign or a standalone service, we muster all of our social skills to win you friends, followers, re blogs and fantastic online publicity.

Follow the leader

It’s a popularity contest and, if you win, you’ll enjoy significant exposure, customer loyalty and brand engagement.

It can be tough work building up a strong social following but, once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to get the word out about new products, special offers and exciting developments in 140 characters and with just one click – that’s cracking, cost-effective digital marketing.

Interesting news and fun content spread like wildfire through social channels so make your material relevant and clickable and you could enjoy impressive exposure. The key is selecting the right platforms for your business, growing your loyal band of followers and understanding what gets them sharing…

How can we help?

…so how do you do that? Hot content and regular interaction are crucial. Nobody likes a show-off, which is why it’s just as important to talk about what everybody else is doing as it is to talk about what you brand is up to. ViVe Technologies social team knows how to play by the unspoken rules of each social platform, whether it’s Twitter or Tumblr, Lookbook or Facebook, building a powerful presence with personality which works seamlessly with your brand identity.

Forums and fans

Another smart way to get people talking is to give them the tools they need to do just that: talk. A forum will keep commentators and interested customers clicking back to keep up with their contemporaries. Whether it sits inside or external to your website, a flourishing forum is a great resource for any business with big digital ambitions.


It might sound peculiar coming from a web design agency, but there’s more to life than the internet. There’s a great big real world out there too. Our creative design team love getting stuck in to a great print project and, because we’re often working on clients’ online projects too, we create cohesive design which strengthens brand identity and looks fantastic.

Impress with print

We design and develop websites which users love but, no matter how intelligently designed, a web page can be closed with just one click. Physical print materials are permanent. From eye-catching business cards which make sure prospective clients remember you, to brochures which are a delight to flick through – we put all of our creative juices into making your business work on paper. We design:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • Letterheads cards
  • & any other creative print you may have in mind

Print with personality…

You business is one of a kind. And, if you don’t stand out on paper, you’re missing a trick. We work closely with our clients to develop print materials which shout about who they are and what they do best.

Close communication is essential. From squeezing the most powerful print from your budget to hitting the perfect note with your target readership, we develop print materials as part of an overarching marketing strategy that takes place both online and offline, showing your business at its very best. We can even work with your existing materials to help you build something new, whilst staying true to your brand’s essence.


Branding Who are you as a business? It’s an important question. If you don’t know, your potential customers won’t know either. To build a strong customer base, enjoy repeat business and benefit from great customer engagement, it’s time to get serious about defining your brand and building your brand identity. Businesses aren’t faceless any more. With the rise of social media, it’s become more important than ever to know what you’re all about and to present a strong, memorable personality to your public. By asking yourself who you are, what you do best, who your target markets are and how you want to be perceived, you’re well on your way to creating a consistent, cohesive and compelling brand. All of this helps your visitors to connect with you on a more personal level, driving sales and boosting customer retention. And that’s where ViVe Technologies come in…

How can we help?

Starting from scratch? Launching a sparkling new product? In need of a brand overhaul? Our multi-talented branding agency can help you to brainstorm, develop, design and define your brand. With expertise in both web and offline media, our insightful team will work with you to build a strong personality for your business. Our process is one part collaboration, one part creativity and one part research. We work closely with you and with our own industry insights to craft every aspect of your new identity; from naming and logo design to defining your key brand messages. With SEO, web design, print design, mobile app development and user experience services all under one roof, we help you present a strong, coherent and cohesive brand which will engage your audience across a very broad ranges of channels.

It’s the little things…

Colour palettes, typography, email signatures, blog formatting, the voice you write in, your social media presence – these elements lay the foundation of your brand identity. They may seem inconsequential, but it’s the little things which make up the big picture of who you are and why customers should choose you, not your competitors. We provide full, detailed conventions and guidelines to ensure that you and your team are always on brand, slick and professional.

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