Unlocking efficiency – helping organisations to revolutionise how they operate on a day to day basis.

As experts in technology consulting, our Business Analysis & Consultancy team have unrivalled industry experience in uncovering business problems and recommending the most appropriate IT solution. This results in increased efficiency, cost reduction and ultimately return on your business investment.

Driving productivity and efficiency from your IT business systems can be challenging – more often than not, organisations are not realising the full potential from their business processes. Where do you start in order to discover the problem?

ViVe’s Business Analysis & Consultancy services help SME’s and enterprise organisations uncover business area problems and offer the necessary technology solutions to resolve. We can assist with:

  • requirements gathering, business analysis and consultancy to help implement a large change programme
  • business process design and/or re-design, feasibility studies and options development
  • integration of a new system or the next release of an existing system

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